Good Friday…Covid 19 updates

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Kuching Church To Celebrate Good Friday Online(good friday images)

THE Anglican Church of Kuching is proposing to continue with Good Friday celebrations will be celebrated without a gathering in church and it will postpone Easter celebration to another date after The Good Friday.

The movement-control order (MCO) ends on April 14. Good Friday falls on April 10 and Easter on April 12. (good friday images).

In India we are suffering a lot by corona virus pandemic therefore we should also follow the same.

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Good friday images

Good Friday...Covid 19 updates 1

good friday images

Good Friday...Covid 19 updates 2
good friday images
Good Friday...Covid 19 updates 3

Eid Ul Fitre 2020:

Now on 23 /24 May one another celebration of Eid Ul Fitre could not be celebrated in Masjid all over the world due to pandemic Covid 19. All muslims celebrated this holy religious celebration at their homes separately with family members. However Government of India allowed Few masjids for Holy Namaz with minimum persons and they have to follow guidelines for Covid 19 for only one Hour.

The end of the holy month of Ramadan and therefore the arrival of Eid is marked by the sighting of the crescent moon, followed by the start of the Shawwal month. This ritual is performed by observing a sehri or suhoor before sunrise, and iftar after sunset.

The Ramadan fast involves an endways the eve of Eid Ul Fitr after sighting the primary crescent of the new phase of the moon . The festival is understood because the ‘festival of breaking the fast’.

Good Friday...Covid 19 updates 4
Good Friday...Covid 19 updates 5


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