1.Beginner’s hurdles- Digital marketing

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Digital marketing,SEO and webhosting

I am here for the help of beginners-digital marketing tactice

hey all there,

Are you a sufferer just like me??

I am sruggling a lot for SEO and marketing my products but i am happy i found some useful and cheap software,hosting plans and a lot although i spent a lot without earning a penny .want to save your money and time.

Why i am here?

I am here because I want to help people like me and want they atleast use my experience. follow these and contact me at my e-mail id ==== indiver200@gmail.com.

Digital Marketing & SEO Tools: 1. Today i got this wonderful funnel free of cost. Try it

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2. design tool: one helping tool is canva for designing , marketing templates and many more… it has free plan click to this link>>>> https://www.canva.com/join/boot-smart-former

1.Beginner's hurdles- Digital marketing 1
1.Beginner's hurdles- Digital marketing 2
my product

3. MOZ PRO: yes for your site performance you can use this site.

Beautifully designed and very helpful to explore keywords, higher rankings ,quality traffic and measurable results.

It is available free for one month. you can use it for one month by signing up. GET THIS OFFER

1.Beginner's hurdles- Digital marketing 3


Dear SEO aspirants and Freelancers here is another important tools you can get from here. I am giving a screen shot of site verzex.com . you can get more than 10 tools here:

1.Beginner's hurdles- Digital marketing 4

5. E-book for marketing :

Yes , it is our necessity to understand how marketing is done on social media?

you must collect a lot marketing literautre in the form of E-BOOK . Read them and TRY to apply your advertisement accordingly.

This will help you a lot and a lot customers will try to understand what you are selling:

1.Beginner's hurdles- Digital marketing 5

5. SEO Spyglass : The Best software tool this time for banklink analysis free for one year. Best for Free lancers . you can get it here:


1.Beginner's hurdles- Digital marketing 6

6.Small SEO tool: another important SEO site which give you a lot TOOLS absolutely Free. Use them for your help

1.Beginner's hurdles- Digital marketing 7
1.Beginner's hurdles- Digital marketing 8

7.SEO TOOLS: You can use SEO PROFILER also. Its Demo version is free but useful.

1.Beginner's hurdles- Digital marketing 9


For a beginner a very difficult task is to purchase domain name and hosting . It is too costly to afford initially until and unless you earn. In this covid -19 pandemic a lot hosting plans are good .


Here I am giving you some beautiful hosting sites with lot of financial benefits. You just try to compare benefits and initially i will suggest bloggers/ new website owners purchase with minimum investment. My best choice is:


It is very old hosting provider . You can select your plan of hosting. One of them is available at 75 paise/ 0.01$ for one month and regular proce onward. Here SSL certificate, security of site and e=mail marketing is also comparatively cheap which help us a lot during initial period of our struggle. Hope you like it.

1.Beginner's hurdles- Digital marketing 10
1.Beginner's hurdles- Digital marketing 11

2. Interserver webhosting:

Another webhosting site giving hosting in 1$ or nearly 75 INR for 3 months. New persons can get advantage of there plan, if suited to them. Details are:

1.Beginner's hurdles- Digital marketing 12


MORE TO COME>>>>>please send your feedback and any querry contact


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Abhijit Barua
May 13, 2020

beautiful blog , thank you for such a nice blog. https://abhijitblog.com/

    May 13, 2020


    July 12, 2020

    thank you

July 11, 2020

Thanks for sharing this with beginners. It helped a lot. Do read these off-page seo techniques

    July 12, 2020


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